Why Fast Support

There are “zillions” of reasons why you would chose FAST Support as being your second home. Unfortunately, the internet is not large enough to name them all.

But we’ll name a few, just for you to get the taste of how awesome it is to work with us:

• Real opportunities for professional development
This is not just a claim. We are almost always promoting from the interior. And at the fast rhythm we are growing right now, there are very many chances for you to advance in your career, if you demonstrate you deserve it.

• Trainings and personalized coaching
Every career in our company starts with a complex training, and the individual care never ends. Our managers and HR team are dedicating a lot of time in one on one’s, team briefings, career path discussions, professional feedback sessions, coaching sessions etc.

• Rewarding performance and dedication
It is our way to thank our great employees. Clear and structured bonus schemes are put into practice, we reward supplementary hours, we reward good results, we reward innovation, we reward almost everything that helps our company getting bigger and better.

• Work hard, play hard
After all the sweat and pressure, trust us, we know how to release tension in our great parties.

• Great office and central location
Our building is just in the heart of Bucharest, 2 minutes away from the University Square.

• And hey…did we tell you about our awesome team?
Our entire team is dynamic, funny, gregarious and of course….young! You definitely like coming every day to work, when you are surrounded by these guys.

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